We have the best of facilities an education institute can provide to help you pursue your studies.



The IIT library consists of a comprehensive collection of over 10,000 books and access to journals. It includes all general reading and additional reading materials for students to enhance their knowledge. An online study portal is also accessible for the students with world-renowned digital libraries to get more information from their respective universities.

Lecture Rooms

Lecture Rooms

The lecture rooms offer a modern, air-conditioned and pleasant environment for students and lecturers. The rooms are equipped with multimedia projectors and Wi-Fi.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Home to a number of sports clubs, the in-house swimming pool offers the opportunity for students to relax and enjoy post study sessions or just spend some time together with fellow students. Those who are interested in taking swimming as a sport can join IIT’s swimming team and compete in inter-house and inter-university competitions.

sport-cricket IIT


IIT considers sports an important and essential structural element in the life of its students on campus. Students have the opportunity to be part of different sport disciplines. They can also participate in different competitions internally and externally. This, in turn, helps students to explore their passion in sports, develop personal skills that are also beneficial for their academic career such as teamwork, commitment, problem solving and time management.

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Rotaract Club of IIT - Sri Lanka


IIT welcomes student who engage in academic clubs, societies, and similar organizations. The clubs and societies established at IIT will help you develop your interests and meet like-minded people. Below are some of the main clubs at IIT;

– Toastmasters Club
– Rotaract Club
– Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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Student Lounge

Student Lounge

The student lounge at IIT provides space for breaks between lectures. You can also enjoy lively discussions with other fellow students and peers there.



Students can enjoy a peaceful coffee break or an informal lunchtime meeting with colleagues in a relaxed, informal surrounding of our Cafe.

Students Relations Unit

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