Events at IIT

The Student Union represents the student community and displays the role of the student’s voice at IIT. The Student Union plays a huge role in providing opportunities for the students to pursue extra-curricular activities and organizing events that promote fellowship among the students. The Student Union also organizes projects under community service and other areas if and when required.


Stage Craft

Stage Craft is one of the Student Union's annual signature events that fuse together drama, music and dancing, producing one of the most artistic nights of the year. Every year Stage Craft is organized with the aim of becoming bigger and better. It is a talent show where the students can participate individually or in groups. All performances are choreographed and performed by the students themselves which in turn are rewarded by an expert panel for their originality, creativity and overall performance. Stage Craft provides IIT students with a great platform to demonstrate their unique talents and creativity.
IIT Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is an annual exhibition held by IIT to showcase innovative projects, products, and solutions aimed at solving modern day technological problems. Many students exhibit their products including mobile apps catering to the needs of different industries as well the civil society. Cutting Edge is truly a catalyst for technological innovation, with many projects having received national and international awards.