Professional Certificate in Machine Learning

Professional Certificate in Machine Learning



Knowledge in Python, Coding

Course Outline

1.0 Python recap
      1.1  procedural and OOP
2.0 Introduction to Machine Learning (Online)
      2.1 Ideas of regression
      2.2 classification
      2.3 clustering
      2.4 Neural Networks
      2.5 Deep NN
3.0 Regression ( Two weeks)
     3.1  linear and logistic
     3.2 Discussion on SK learn and Keras for ML
     3.3 Including model training and evaluation
4.0 Classification
     4.1 KNN, DT, SVM, Ensemble Systems

5.0 Clustering
     5.1 K-means
6.0 Neural Networks, CNN, RNN and LSTM (Online)
7.0 Machine Learning in the Cloud (MLaaS)
8.0 Research Opportunities (Online)

Target Group

Those who interested in learning ML, Those who want to get into Research and R&D in data-
driven companies, Research Students

Method of Delivery

  • Option 1: Lab Demonstrations Face to Face
    Option 2: Online/Distance classes through a digital learning platform

Duration & Schedule

  • 2 1/2 Months | 10 Weeks
  • Sundays from 9.00am to 12.00pm
  • Commencement: Feb/May/Sep/Oct Intakes

Course Fee & Payment Terms

Please contact

IIT Professional Development Unit

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Account Number: 0036 1000 3876

Bank: Sampath Bank

Branch: Wellawatte Super

Bank Code: 7278

Branch Code: 36

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IIT Professional Development Unit

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