IIT graduates journey towards career success at premier multinational ICT organization


Shenal Mendis an all-round graduate from IIT who has achieved much success in his professional life thanks to the institute’s dedicated guidance. Shenal is currently employed as an Account Manager at WSO2, which is a leading multinational company in Sri Lanka. Following are excerpts of the interview with Shenal who shared his thoughts on his journey towards corporate success;

One year after graduation - Shenal Mendis

Can you give a brief introduction to yourself?

I’m Shenal Mendis. I schooled at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia. I joined IIT in the year 2013 just after my A/L examinations to enroll in Information Systems with Business Management degree programme and graduated with a first-class honors from the University of Westminster in 2017. Soon with the completion of the degree, I joined WSO2 as an Account Manager.

We heard you held leadership roles during your student life at school. Tell us a bit about it?

I joined the Rotaract club of IIT in 2013 just after enrollment. This was something that really interested me, and I went on to being elected as the International Understanding Director in 2014 and President in 2015. Out of all projects the Hotdog Showdown was one of the large scale projects which I was involved in. During the year 2015, the Rotaract Club of IIT was awarded silver award for the best PR Strategy for Hotdog Showdown 2016 and the bronze award for the best International Understanding project called #WeTalk at the Rotaract District Assembly. This would not have been possible if not for the support and the commitment of the executive committee and club members.

I was also part of the Student Union where I was elected the Assistant Sports Director. During this time, we were part of organizing the IIT sports meet 2015 and helping organizing our annual talent show – Stage Craft 2015.

How was the student life at IIT?

The student life was quite memorable. The opportunity for various extra curriculars available to help learn the work life balance was quite significant. Also the support from the lecturers was immense to ensure we stayed up to date with the latest trends. Overall, I can say that I had a great experience during my 4 years and learning to shape myself to enter the corporate life.

What are your notable achievements at IIT?

During my course of 4 years at IIT, my achievements were;

  • Elected president of the Rotaract Club of IIT for the year 2015/16. During this year the club won the following awards at the Rotaract District Assembly.
    • Silver award for the best PR strategy within the district for Hotdog Showdown.
    • Bronze award for best International Understanding project for #WeTalk.
  • National winners for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 competing in the gaming category.
  • Elected Assistant Sports Director for the Students’ Union 2015.
  • Member of the winning team of the IIT vs SAITM Cricket Big match 2014 & 2016.
  • Graduating with a First Class Honours | BSc(Hons) Information Systems with Business Management.

How has IIT shaped you for corporate success?

Yes, IIT has played a significant role in this. IIT helps students find employment opportunities through organizing a career day. The reputation of IIT makes it easier for students to be hired by various companies. I completed my internship at Virtusa playing the role of a Business Analyst and Project Management. This was indeed a great steppingstone to entering the corporate life. I am currently employed at WSO2 as an Account Manager. The reputation IIT has within the industry, made it easier for all of us to get employment quickly.

What are your reasons to recommend IIT to students from your school?

I schooled at S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia. Anyone who wants to pursue their higher education in the technology sector, I would recommend IIT because the culture and atmosphere is very much similar to College. This way, you can use the skills and knowledge you gained from College and build on it to shape yourself towards pursing a career in the technology sector. Also, many would consider options of going abroad. With the education standards of IIT, you can benefit from the same standards (degree from the university of Westminster) while learning at IIT.

What are your fondest moments at IIT?

Looking back at my 4 years at IIT, being part of Rotaract is significant. The countless hours of planning, organizing, conducting meetings, travel, fun activities were an amazing experience that I still look back to. The hard training sessions before Cricket matches (big match), sports meet also hold some memorable moments. Another great moment that I look back to was the moment we were announced the winners of the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 and the excitement in that moment. And last but not least the great friends that always had each other’s backs during the long nights preparing for exams and completing assignments close to the deadlines was something that I cherish.

Can you describe the support you received from the staff and the faculty of IIT?

We received great support from our lecturers. They were always ready to help us whenever we needed help throughout the course of 4 years. Especially during the final year, I received continuous feedback and great support from my supervisor Ms Shiyani, which enabled me to get a good grade. I can mention that the support from the academic staff at IIT was great.