Nethmi Venu Jayawardena is an all-round graduate from IIT who has achieved much success
following graduation. Nethmi is currently employed as Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at
iTelaSoft (Pvt) Ltd, which is a leading software development agency providing advanced
solution design, development and cloud engineering services. Following are excerpts of the
interview with Nethmi who shared her thoughts on her journey,

Nethmi Venu Jayawardena

1. Can you give a brief introduction to yourself?
My name is Nethmi Venu Jayawardena. I am the only child in my family. My father is a
Chartered Civil Engineer passed out from the University of Peradeniya and completed his
postgraduate studies at the University of Moratuwa and Vrije Universiteit, Brussel. My mother
holds a B.Ed. from University of Colombo.

2. Let us know a bit of your school education.
I studied at Musaeus College, Colombo 7 from Lower Nursery to Advanced Levels in Maths
stream. Apart from my academic success, I used to be a member of the percussion band, junior
western band as well as the primary band. Being a member of the badminton team lead me to
achieve junior colours for the sport, also being a prefect from primary to junior and senior levels
was indeed a blessing I received from mother Musaeus.

Nethmi Venu Jayawardena - IIT

3. What made you decide you follow your higher education at IIT?
The opportunity to complete a specialized Degree in Computer Science via a Foundation
pathway that has worldwide recognition, was my primary reason. Having enquired from
corporate giants of the recognition and preference given to graduates of IIT, my parents
and I realized that the programmes offered at IIT would open doors to new vistas of life to
me with endless opportunities.

4. How was your student life and experiences like at IIT?
The student life at IIT was very interesting and satisfying. Students are expected to meet the
challenging task of working hard and completing assignments on time. The group assignments,
sports and extra-curricular activities strengthens friendships among students and prepares
the groundwork for working in teams which is essential when stepping in to the industry.

6. How has IIT shaped you for corporate success?

The contents of the course are of very high standard and relevant. The one year internship
provides necessary training for IIT graduates to work in the industry with confidence.
Group assignments, sports and extra-curricular activities promoted by IIT during the
undergraduate period build team spirit and enhances leadership qualities of students, which are
very helpful when working in the corporate sector.

7. Can you describe the support you received from the staff and the faculty of IIT?
The staff has always been very supportive in our studies. I especially recall the extra help and
advice rendered to me by the academic and the non-academic staff when I fell ill during an exam
time in my foundation year.

8. What are your fondest moments at IIT?
My undergraduate life was full of pleasant experiences. First of such was when I completed the
Foundation Course with a distinction. Recognition of my 1 st Class Honours I earned with the
UOW Award for Outstanding Achievements for my all-round performance was indeed a
crowning moment.

9. What are your reasons for recommending IIT to other students?
As a student you must pursue a course which has global demand. You must also choose a well-
recognized institute to study the course. Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) which is
affiliated to the University of Westminster, UK is in the forefront of your choices as its degree
programmes are of very high standards with an assurance of job security as the corporate sector
shows high preference in absorbing IIT graduates.