The Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), a pioneer in providing British higher education in Information Technology and Business in Sri Lanka for nearly three decades, recently held its annual Careers Day at BMICH.
The IIT Careers Day 2019 was organised with the objective of providing an opportunity for their graduates and students to obtain employment and internship opportunities at some of Sri Lanka’s leading companies.

IIT Careers Day 2019

This year’s Careers Day was attended by nearly 500 IIT students and graduates who were seeking an opportunity to secure employment or an internship with any of the leading companies which participated in the event. IIT Careers Day included the participation of 47 leading IT, FMCG and multinational companies which set up stalls and conducted interviews to recruit from the pool of talent produced by IIT.

The companies which participated in the event are London Stock Exchange Group, Sysco LABS (Pvt) Ltd, attune Lanka, Navotar Inc, Vetstoria S.L (Private) Limited, Qualitapps Asia (Pvt) Ltd, DirectFN, Virtusa , Unilever, Itelasoft, Apigate (Pvt) Ltd, Aeturnum Lanka, Omobio (Pvt) Ltd, Avonet, Ascentic (Pvt) Ltd, hSenid Mobile Solutions, Cambio Software Engineering, SimCentric Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Auxenta Pvt Ltd, Univer SL, IFS, Rumex, WSO2, Creative Software, Geveo Australasia (Pvt) Ltd, ShipXpress Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Dialog, PickMe, Sutra Technologies, Kingslake, CodeGen International, Epic Lanka, Pearson, Mitra Innovation, GT Nexus, Brandix, Hayleys Advantis Limited, Mubasher Technologies, NTB, Peercore Nexgen Software, Proavos Labs Pvt Ltd, Entgra (Pvt) Ltd, LinearSix (Pvt) Limited, SAKS Analytics (Pvt) Ltd, 99X and IIL.

The several prominent organizations which participated in the event noted that the primary reason for their presence over the years was the high caliber IIT students – who were superior in both technical and soft skills. Several companies in particular commended IIT for including a mandatory one-year industry placement (internship) as part of its degree, observing that the real-world exposure gained by the students as a result was a crucial differentiator which empowers these students to be in demand in the job market.

“At IIT we believe in providing our students the much needed industrial exposure which will help empower them to excel in their career and to take on the challenges of the corporate world. IIT Careers Day creates an ideal opportunity for our students to meet with potential employers and explore the possibilities of either interning or being employed at renowned multinational and local blue-chip companies. This year’s Careers Day experienced a much larger number of companies participating in the event than the previous years which also saw an increase in the number of students obtaining industrial placements at renowned organizations. IIT is dedicated to providing our students with the best education possible, and that would not be possible without our close ties with the industry and their continuous endorsement of our institute and the programmes we offer,” Director IIT Prof. Jayantha Wijeyaratne stated.


“Informatics Institute of Technology prides itself in providing students with not just a comprehensive and holistic education, but also with opportunities for career and personal development. Careers Day 2018, an annual event organised by IIT, provides both students seeking internship as well as graduating students an opportunity to meet and discuss career options with a number of leading IT- and business-related organisations in and around Colombo,” Shyani Siriwardene, Senior Lecturer/ Course Leader at IIT said.

“IIT Careers Day was an amazing experience. Having on the spot interviews helped us build our confidence. We got an opportunity to know more about several leading companies and their work culture. The lecturers motivated us and supported all the students in the batch to find a placement at a recognized company for their internship,” Harkim Thameem who is following a Business Information Systems degree at IIT and currently interning at one of Sri Lanka’s largest FMCG companies said.

“The career day was very helpful for us students as we get to apply for many reputed companies in the industry. It was a good opportunity which was given by IIT which helped most of the students to secure a placement opportunity because of Careers Day,” Hashini Dassanayaka who is currently interning at DirectFN said.