Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), the pioneer in British higher education in Sri Lanka and the country’s premier IT and Business campus, together with the University of Westminster, UK has paved the way for IIT students to achieve success in the business world by following the most hands-on BA (Hons) in Business Management program available in Sri Lanka.

The four-year Business Management programme provides academic experience with a strong emphasis on development of business knowledge, skills and capabilities that suit the rapidly-evolving global business world. The course helps nurture an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to ideas and issues, enabling successful graduates to actively contribute to organisations in the private or public sector and even their own businesses. The course, content and outline are identical to what is offered at the University of Westminster – UK.

During Year 1 of the program, students are given an introduction on how the global business environment operates and the functions of business organisations. They are provided hands-on experience on analysing and managing information using the latest technological tools widely used in today’s organisations. They are also provided knowledge through the modules Accounting and Finance Fundamentals, Marketing Principles and People & Organisations. Additionally, the Optional Modules -Business Mathematics and Academic English – focus on areas such as effective presentations, research and referencing, report writing, critical thinking and evaluations.

IIT unveils Westminster University’s Business Management program

In Year 2, students are exposed to the modules Operations & Digital Business and Business Decision Making where they are taught on how to leverage technology to achieve success in the business world. A variety of supply chain and business decision making software, that includes Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, are used to provide actual business world simulation scenarios while the students’ leadership and people skills are developed in the module Managing and Leading People. Under the Professional Practice module, they are presented the chance to be placed in a leading organisation for a period of 3 weeks where they are able to learn and understand aspects such as communication, ethics and governance. As Optional Modules, they can choose from Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Project Management, Web-enabled Business and Entrepreneurial Practice.

Year 3 consists of the student’s 12-month industry placement in a leading organisation where they are able to put into practice the knowledge gained during the first two years and acquire new knowledge based on real-life situations they encounter in the organisation. They will be exposed to the operational aspects of different departments and will obtain professional skills which will result in them gaining in confidence when facing their future career.IIT unveils Westminster University’s Business Management program