Once again five students from the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) have been selected to
participate in the annual Google Summer of Code (GSOC) programme this year.

The IIT students selected for GSOC are Lakindu Gunasekara, Gayashan Bombuwala, Devon
Wijesinghe, Suleka Helmini and Azhar Ahamed.

Lakindu Gunasekara was selected for the project CLocal Azure, which will be an easy to use
emulation engine for the users of azure cloud services. In this project the users will be able to
test/mock the cloud applications locally before running on the azure platform by reducing the
cost. The project currently supports azure functions, azure storage and azure cosmosdb

Gayashan Bombuwala was selected for the project Gemstash, Devon Wijesinghe was selected
for the project Fact Bounty, while Suleka Helmini was chosen for the project TensorMap.
Azhar Ahamed was selected for building an API to stage the results of Static Application
Security Testing (SAST) tools.

Level 06:
Both are getting selected for the second time. 
Level 05:

IIT students selected for GSOC 2019

IIT students have been chosen to participate in the#GSOC programme since its inception in