I would recommend IIT to others because of their recognized degree, industry exposure and the overall student experience

With over 3,000 graduates that are currently empowering over 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) is renowned for producing innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Hasala Chanakya Gamalath is an enterprising IIT graduate who is currently employed as Functional Consultant for Production Planning module at attune Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Following are excerpts of the interview with Hasala who shared his thoughts on his journey towards becoming a software engineer;

  • Can you give a brief introduction to yourself?

I was a student of Royal College, Colombo. After A/L, I joined IIT to proceed with my higher education. I graduated in 2016 and I am currently working as a Functional Consultant for Production Planning module at attune Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. I am an active Toastmaster at attune Lanka Toastmasters Club and Vice President Membership for the year 2018/2019.

  • What made you decide to follow your higher education at IIT?

While I was searching for a degree after advanced levels, Information Systems with Business Management (ISBM) degree offered by IIT stood out from the rest as it covered both IT and business aspects. After discussing with few industry experts and alumni of IIT, based on their recommendations I decided to enroll for ISBM degree.

  • We heard you held leadership roles during your student life at school. Tell us a bit about it?

I was the vice-captain of the Royal College Squash team which emerged all island champions for the year 2011. It was a challenging year with many responsibilities and accomplishments.

  • How was the student life and experience at IIT?

I would consider the years spent at IIT very exciting and memorable. Not only subject matters were delivered effectively, we were given the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities and events which was organized by IIT. I was able to showcase my project to the public at the Cutting Edge exhibition. Also I took part in our annual talent show, Stage Craft and annual sports meet. We enjoyed participating in these activities and we were able to make new friends from other batches.

  • What are your notable achievements at IIT?

There are few from both educational and extra-curricular activities. My group was awarded 2nd place at the Cutting Edge exhibition in the year 2014 under the ISBM category. We won multiple awards at Stage Craft in 2016 for our group performance. Also, I have won several medals for table tennis and cricket at our annual sports-meets.

  • Has IIT shaped you for corporate success?

In my opinion placement year is the most important component of the degree. It was the first time I got to experience how things actually work in a corporate environment. As the internship covers a whole year, IIT students have an advantage over students from other universities as we have more experience when we graduate.  IIT helps students find jobs by having career fares.  Also we are evaluated during our internship year to ensure gaining proper experience. Internship led the foundation to my professional career.

  • What are your reasons to recommend IIT to students from your school?

I would recommend IIT to others because of their recognized degree, industry exposure and the overall student experience.

  • What are your fondest moments at IIT?

Times I spent with my friends during lectures and leisure time are priceless. We had great memories when practicing for Stage Craft and cheering my team during sports meets. Above all IIT is where I found my loving wife, hence it is the most precious moment for me personally.

  • Can you describe the support you received from the staff and the faculty of IIT?

IIT staff and faculty extended a tremendous support during those 4 years. Lecturers were dedicated to teach and help us with modules and office staff made sure all necessary resources are provided to carry out all our studies. I am truly grateful for everyone at IIT for their service. 

IIT conducts internal postgraduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Westminster (UOW), UK and Robert Gordon University. The University of Westminster degrees offered at IIT are Software Engineering, Business Information System, Business Management and Computer Science with specialization pathways in gaming and computer graphics development, mobile and web computing and multimedia computing.

IIT is an award winning campus, which has bagged many accolades for innovation in local and international competitions such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), APICTA, British Council-HSBC Youth Enterprise Award and e-Swabhimani.

With its strong international affiliations, outstanding resources and focus on quality higher education, IIT is without a doubt an ideal place for students to follow world renowned IT and Business degrees.