Namal Weerasekara is an enterprising young software engineering graduate from IIT who has achieved much success in his professional life. Namal who is an old boy of St. Peters colloge Colombo 04 is currently employed as a senior software engineer at Calcey technologies. He said that he joined IIT soon after his A/L and graduated from IIT in the year 2016, by obtaining a First Class in BEng (Hons) Software Engineering from University of Westminster, UK.

Namal Joseph - IIT Alumni

01.What made you decide you follow your higher education at IIT?

After A/L I was looking for different fields to pursue my career. Considering my interest and the available job opportunities, I decided to follow software engineering. While in the search of a reputed place to do my higher studies I came across IIT. It was recommended by few of my friends who are already in the industry. I was not only looking for a place to develop my programming skills but also a place where I will get exposed to improve other soft skills as well. Also, I felt that the one year internship program is an additional bonus which gives me an upper hand in the industry.

02.We heard you held leadership roles during your student life at IIT. Tell us a bit about it?

At IIT I got many chances to get involved in sports, educational and entertainment activities. I was a member of students union representing sports and was also the soccer captain. These events provided a solid a platform to improve team work and leadership skills.

03.How was the student life and experience at IIT?

I always felt that the student life at IIT is a balanced one. Especially the lecturers made sure the work load is balanced. This gave us extra time to take part in different activities apart from course content. In the long run it helped us to adopt to industrial requirements. We also made really good memories with our friends. I would say it was like my home away from home.

04.How has IIT shaped you for corporate success?

The current IT industry demands not only technically fluent people but also people who can make their ideas heard. IIT helped play a major role in shaping me for corporate success by providing me with the much needed career guidance

05.What are your reasons to recommend IIT to students from your school?

I would highly recommend any college student who has passion and a goal to succeed in IT or business industry to take part in IIT’s reputed degree programms. The content provided by IIT which is conducted by highly experiences lectures is ideal to meet the industry standards.

06.What are your fondest moments at IIT?

IFM is an annually organised radio station hosted by students at IIT. It is telecasted along with the Cutting Edge technology exhibition. We had a crazy and fun chart show where we dedicated songs for students as well as for lecturers. The student life was quite memorable. The opportunity for various extra-curricular available to help learn the work life balance was quite significant.

07.Can you describe the support you received from the staff and the faculty of IIT?

I am very thankful to the staff and the faculty of IIT for the support given to me throughout my academic journey. They were friendly, open minded and would assist us individually whenever possible. IIT has some of the best lecturers in the field of IT and business. All the successes IIT has achieved is because the institute takes a keen interest in molding students to become business leaders and world class IT professionals. IIT has played an important part in helping students achieve success and realize their dreams.