“I completed my degree with one year industrial experience and it was an added advantage when searching for employment. I would say IIT contributed immensely to my corporate success”

With over 3,000 graduates that are currently empowering over 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) is renowned for producing innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Sharanjaa Senthurvelautham is a multi-talented graduate from IIT who is making strides in the corporate world following her graduation. Sharanjaa is currently employed as a Software Engineer at hSenid Mobile Solutions. Following are excerpts of the interview Sharanjaa;

Sharanjaa Senthurvelautham - IIT

1. Can you give a brief introduction about yourself?
I am Sharanjaa Senthurvelautham. My home town is Jaffna, but I was born and brought up in Colombo. I pursued my school education at Colombo Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College. Since I have been a computer and IT enthusiasts, I followed a Software Engineering degree from the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT), affiliated to the University of Westminster. I graduated in 2018 with a first class.
Soon after graduation, I started working as a Software Engineer at hSenid Mobile Solutions as a full stack developer. I have been working for year at hSenid Mobile Solutions which is an industrial leader in offering IT solutions especially for the telecommunication sector.

2. What made you to decide to follow your higher education at IIT?
I was always interested in IT & Maths during my school. Due to the tremendous interest which I had, I chose the Software Engineering field as my career path. Since I was in two minds when selecting a higher education institute, I did my own research and asked the opinion of many of the key industry players regarding higher education options. Most of them recommended IIT and their feedback regarding the campus was fantastic.
3. We heard you held leadership roles during your student life at school. Tell us about it?
I have been a secretary in St.John Ambulance, due to the interest which I had in helping others by providing first aid treatment. Secondly I have been a secretary in the media union which enhances my role in media development. And I have participated in school band group as well. Due to the interest and performance I showed in sports, I was elected as a house captain for one of our school houses. One of my important leadership role in my school life is being as a Deputy Head Prefect which enhanced my leadership role.

4. How was the student life and experience at IIT?
IIT has helped me in developing my personal skills which is very useful for my future career development. I have gathered few wonderful people as friends in IIT. Sports plays a major role in IIT as well and it has helped me to enhance my skills in netball. Therefore, the student life and experience which IIT provided me helped me strike the ideal balance in both my work and personal life.

5. What are your notable achievements at IIT?
When I was in my second year I participated in the Imagine Cup competition which is organized by Microsoft every year. I was part of the team which won the World Championship in the Imagine Cup Pitch video challenge and became one of the Sri Lankan National finalists at the Imagine Cup competition.
Moreover, when I was in my final year my first research paper –SentScore was published at the 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT 2018 ) which was organized by the Indian IEEE community. Also, we won the netball championship in 2018 at the IIT Annual sports meet. These achievements have helped me to develop myself and become motivated to achieve more in future endeavors.

6. How has IIT shaped you for corporate success?
BEng Software Engineering degree offered by IIT is a sandwich degree and one significant element of that is the one year internship program. I did my internship at Virtusa which is a multinational IT solutions provider. I learnt cutting edge technologies and the latest trends in software engineering during my internship. Besides, I could train myself to adapt to corporate culture and values. I completed my degree with one year industrial experience and it was an added advantage when searching for employment. I would say IIT contributed immensely to my corporate success.

7. What are your reasons to recommend IIT to students from your school?
I would love to see more students from my school at IIT. I used to take part in several extra-curricular activities and lead many events at school. I could continue the same journey at IIT where I got leadership opportunities as well as a platform to take my competencies to the next level. I can’t think of a better place for learning than IIT for a student who is passionate about Software Engineering and Technology.