“After seeing the success of my daughter, I enrolled my son to IIT, so that he also can win in life”

Every father’s dream is to provide their child with the best education and to see them succeed in a highly competitive world. Mr. Ruwan Abeygoonaratne choose IIT for his daughter, Kishani’s higher education as he firmly believed in the institute’s capability of grooming his child to achieve success and climb the corporate ladder. Kishani graduated in with a Software Engineering degree from IIT in 2013 and is currently employed as Release Engineer at SimCentric Technologies (pvt) Ltd.

As IIT celebrate Father’s day, Mr. Ruwan Abeygoonaratne shared his thoughts about his daughter’s journey and the role he has played in supporting Kishani realize her dreams in the corporate world. Excerpts of the interview are as follows;

  • Every father’s dream is to support and provide the right guidance and education for their children. There is no doubt as a father you have chosen the best education institute in the Country. As a father how do you feel IIT has helped you in the journey of building a solid foundation for your child?

I feel very happy how my children are progressing in their lives, I don’t think have made a mistake. After witnessing how my daughter did well in her studies how easily she was able start her carrier, I enrolled my son too to IIT, so that it will help him to build up his career.


  • How do you cope up with managing time with work and attending to the family? Do you follow a routine?

Yes. follow a routine when attending the family needs. Since I’m retired now, I have ample time to get involved with the family. Normally my mornings and evenings are dedicated to dropping my daughter to IIT when she was studying there and I pick her up in the evening. And now it’s the same routine for my younger son. Any other needs, are fulfilled within the spare time. When I was working, my wife was the one who took care of these things. So I didn’t have much worry about managing things. I knew what she was capable of and she would do the best for our children.


  • What made you choose IIT for your daughter’s higher education?

When I was considering which institute I should choose to enroll my child, I got advice from one of my friends who is living in UK. He advised me to seek an institute which offers an internship in their course. Most of the institutes that I came across, do not provide a mandatory industrial placement year. But only IIT was offering one at the time. That was a huge plus point for me when selecting the institute. After attending the Edex education exhibition, I got to meet the IIT staff there who gladly helped clearing out all the questions in my mind. Finally after weighing all options, I decided to select IIT, as the higher education institute for my children.

  • Why would you recommend IIT to other parents who are looking for higher education options in Sri Lanka?

I would recommend IIT to anyone who are planning to enter their child to the IT field. Having a placement year really helps your child life. After seeing the success of my daughter, I enrolled my son to IIT, so that he also can win in life. If you are looking for a better IT carreer for your child, IIT is the place to start with.


  • Can Kishani explain how she feels about his father’s decision to enroll her in IIT?

Kishani: IIT is a great place to start you undergraduate programme if you are looking for an carrier in the IT field. It molds you to become a better IT personnel in you r life.

After I completed my AL’s I wanted to pursue my higher studies in IT. So my parents went to the Edex educational fair to select an IT institute which best suites my interests. After going to all the IT stalls there and having a discussion with them, my father selected IIT for me to start my undergraduate programme.


  • What was your experience studying at IIT?

Kishani: The four years at IIT was a wonderful journey to me. Was able to make new friends and explore my abilities which I weren’t aware of. When it comes to the studies, always had lecturers help where needed. Lecturers at IIT was helpful and coaches us on becoming a successful IT professional. Even though we were stacked with lectures, coursework and exams we also had enough of time to enjoy the student life.

When schooling I was more of a quiet person. But at IIT I was a little bit more active than that. I have participated in many events like Stage craft, choir, carols event, Sportmeet etc.

Happy Father’s day!