Education is the greatest gift a mother can provide her child

IIT has helped my daughter to become the confident hardworking individual that she is today. She worked really hard throughout the degree and was able to achieve a first class as well”

With over 3,000 graduates that are currently empowering over 250 multinational and local blue-chip companies, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT Campus) is renowned for producing innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The greatest wish of every mother is to provide their child with the best education and to see them succeed in a highly competitive world. Due to the intense competition in education and in the professional world, mothers take a lot of time and effort to choose the right institute for their child’s higher education.

Mrs. Nayani Baskaran choose IIT for her daughter, Dharshini Baskaran’s higher education as she firmly believed in the institute’s capability of grooming her child to achieve success and climb the corporate ladder. Dharshini graduated from IIT with a BEng (Hons) Software Engineering from the University of Westminster, UK and is currently employed as a Software Quality Assuarance Engineer at 99X Technology.

As IIT celebrates Mother’s Day, Mrs. Nayani Baskaran shared her thoughts about her daughter’s journey and the role she has played in supporting Dharshini realize her dreams in the corporate world. Mrs. Baskaran says that IIT provided her daughter with a solid foundation to take on the challenges in the corporate world and succeed. She further highly recommended all parents to consider IIT for their child’s higher education. Excerpts of the interview are as follows;

IIT celebrates her on this special day

Every mother’s dream is to support and provide the right guidance and education to their children. As a mother how do you feel IIT has helped you in the journey of building a solid foundation for your child?

IIT has helped her develop a strong technical background. She is better equipped to handle pressure and manages her time well. These skills which were groomed at IIT have allowed her to create a solid foundation for her career.

Managing time has always been a challenge for all mothers. How do you cope up with managing time with work and attending to the family? Do you follow a routine?

There is no such routine. I look at prioritizing my workload whether it be household matters or with helping the kids.

How do you spend your weekends with your family?

We visit the grandparents or go on trips or movies during the weekends.

What made you choose IIT for your child’s higher education?

My brother recommended it to me initially. We did a quick research on it afterwards and found out that it was one of the best institutes in Sri Lanka and that it is well recognized among the employers in the IT Industry. We choose IIT after taking into consideration the academic quality and the well-balanced student life.

Do you believe that IIT has helped your daughter to become the individual she is today and how has IIT contributed to her intellectual development?

Yes, IIT has helped my daughter to become the confident hardworking individual that she is today. She worked really hard throughout the degree and was able to achieve a first class as well.

Why would you recommend IIT to other parents who are looking for higher education options in Sri Lanka?

I would recommend IIT as it has a well-recognized degree programme from a world-renowned university with experienced lecturers. It also provides an industry placement year which all the employers ask for nowadays. The industrial placement provides the much needed work experience and industry exposure for a child to take on the challenges of the working world.

Do you play an active role in your children’s education and how do you do it?

Yes, I try to help them with their tasks, and give them the moral support when they need it.

Can Dharshini explain how she feels about her mother’s decision to enroll her in IIT?

Dharshini: I would say it was one of the best decisions my mother has made for me. IIT has provided us with a stellar lecture panel who were ready to help us whenever we needed assistance. The industry placement and extracurricular activities at IIT gave us invaluable life experiences. Above all it gave me a good bunch of lifelong friends. I am grateful to IIT, the management and all my lecturers for giving me a fruitful 4 years.

Happy Mother’s Day!