Dinali Jayawarena is one of many illustrious alumni from IIT who have made strides in the corporate world. She graduated in 2015 with a BSc Information Systems with Business Management degree from the University of Westminster, UK which is exclusively offered at IIT. Dinali is currently employed as a Business Data Engineer in one of the leading IT companies in the United States and she also holds an MBA with a GPA of 4.0 from a leading University in the US.

Dinali Jayawarena - IIT alumni Big Data professional

“With the help of IIT, I was able to get one year work experience interning for a leading multinational dairy organization which is Fonterra Brands Lanka which acted as a valuable component in my resume and the experience was an added advantage to kick-start my career path. I was able to gain work experience in two leading organizations in Sri Lanka which is Softlogic Brands and Abans Pvt Ltd after graduation which helped me pave my path towards success in the corporate world,” Dinali said.

“Events such as Cutting Edge at IIT improved our innovative skills and presentation skills and we were able to brush up and bring out the talents that we never knew we had. Such skills helped us in achieving the 3rd place out of 5 presentations in a Research Expo,” she said.

Dinali said that IIT helped her build her foundation towards becoming a Business Data Engineer which in turn helped her in completing the Scrum Master Accredited Certification (SMAC).

“I thank IIT for shaping my education, for building my leadership skills and for bringing real life experiences where I was able put my passions into practice which directed me to where I am today. I sincerely thank all the professors who dedicated their life to give us the best possible knowledge and for training us to be better and guiding us throughout the hardships to achieve the best,” she said.