Computer Learning Centre (CLC)

Computer Learning Centre (CLC), a part of Informatics Institute of Technology is a leader in providing quality IT education for school children and for corporate customers.

ICT A/L & ICT O/L 2022 Revision Sessions

ICT AL 2022 Webinar- Opearting Systems


Informatics Institute of Technology, the pioneers in ICT education in Sri Lanka for more than 30 years, has many ICT educational services.
  • The new Learning Management System(LMS) for students to revise the ICT O/L subject.
  •  You can download a paper every week 
  • Online paper discussions /Revision papers based on different units and difficulty levels.
  • Other services includes:
  • School ICT technology curriculum “SchoolTools” for the students from grades 1 to 9.     
  • – Student guides for each grade, teacher guide, software and other materials
  • Supportive sessions for the students who faces GCE O/Ls, A/Ls and General Information Technology(GIT)  (Online/ by visiting)
  • Workshops / seminars for the teachers to enhance their ICT skills
  • Cooperate training sessions for the employees of the Government sector and Private sector.
  • Providing ICT academic solutions for the institutes and schools
  • Skilled staff members  who provide services with a great responsibility. 
  •  They will be guided by very experienced panel of professionals.

Information and communication technology (ICT) plays a major role in the modern world and now it has become a necessity for a student to be trained for this environment. Therefore a student should be provided a proper ICT education from early childhood, to make them feel comfortable when facing challenges in the future.
Informatics Institute of Technology, the pioneers in ICT education in Sri Lanka for more than 30 years, has understood the above necessity and developed a new range of services for the future generation of the nation


IIT Computer Learning Centre

CLC offers a well-established ICT education program “SchoolTools” for school children from Pre-school to Grade 12. SchoolTools has been running for more than 15 years in a number of leading schools in Sri Lanka. CLC is also specialized in providing supportive seminars and workshops for ICT O/L and A/L students and teacher training programmes.

Corporate Training

IIT Sri Lanka Corporate Training

CLC provides professional training courses and customized corporate training for government and non-governmental organizations.

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